The brains I had went to my head
Your calm is not enough,
I do not want your still.
I want your restlessness,
all the things which
make you stir at night.
I wish to be uprooted,
and moved
in the way immovable
objects are to be moved.
I want your gale force winds,
the flooding of emotion
between breaths,
the promise of danger
and renewal.
Your calm is not enough.
Give me your storm.
Nav K (via navk)
Nothing ever exists entirely alone; everything is in relation to everything else.
Gautama Buddha (via celestinevibes)



This is important

This is fear.

This is manipulation.

These are excellent examples of how most of the #Yesallwomen sentiments are complete and utter tripe with no more substance or intelligence behind them than the vapid, empty minds that thought them up. 

The lot of these have already been thoroughly dismantled by multiple sources, both on and off this site, but since someone thought it would be a good idea to collect them and (poorly) make them into graphics, I suppose my job becomes that much easier. 

  • Because we’re taught “Don’t leave your drink alone” rather than “don’t drug someone.”

Bullshit. Last I checked, drugging someone was a crime. So is theft, but I bet you lock your doors.Are people seriously suggesting we leave our personal safety in the hands of strangers? 

Criminals do not follow the law. The suggestion that all it takes for someone to date rape is ‘not knowing it was wrong’ is unfathomably stupid; people who date-rape know exactly what they’re doing. God forbid people take steps to protect themselves from those who would do them harm. 

God forbid you idiots are smart enough to understand a simple concept - that there will always be people who break the law and harm others. That we do not live in an ideal world of just sunshine and flowers and rainbows. That it does not matter how often you ‘teach people not to rape/drug/murder/steal/lie/whatever - there will always be people who will. 

Even RAINN has tips on their website to help people avoid drug-facilitated sexual assault and rape. 

  • "Not all men are monsters? Imagine a bowl of M&Ms. 10% of them are poisoned. Go ahead, eat a handful; not all M&Ms are poison."

Christ on a crutch, are you fucking kidding me? This is the kind of shit I was talking about when I mentioned shallow, vapid minds - because this analogy in particular is the product of a mind so empty it’s very nearly a vacuum.Let’s talk about why this is fucking stupid.

Firstly, equating the population of men to a bowl of candy - candy created with certain qualities of which it has no control, no agency of their own. A poisoned M&M makes no choice to be poisoned, it simply is; likewise this seems to suggest that a rapist (a MALE rapist, as this crock of shit analogy makes very clear) has no choice in his actions. 

So what are the implications of this? What are the real fucking implications? This implies that rapists can’t help what they do. Like a machine, they simply do what they were made to do. If this is true, then this bullshit analogy actually suggests, when logically followed to it’s core, that rapists can’t be blamed for what they do, because they can’t help it. Disgusting. 

Furthermore, this analogy can be applied to any group. Not all Liberals. Not all Blacks. Not all Muslims. Not all Hispanics. But go ahead, eat a handful. They aren’t all *insert racist stereotype here*.

Secondly, 10%? More bullshit. 

Less than .01% of the entire male population of the United States is a rapist. 

This analogy is what happens when idiots bend down to pander to feminism’s rape hysterica agenda - they spew some really fucking stupid sentiments without taking the time to actually think about the bile that’s dribbling from their mouths. 

As a man? This pisses me right the fuck off. Thank you, frogman, for erasing my humanity and boiling my gender down to poisoned candies. Fuck you, sir. 

  • Girls grow up knowing that it’s safer to give a guy a fake number than to turn him down” 

What the fuck. 

So I guess we ought to start giving women fake names and numbers now? I suppose we should keep them away from children, too - after all, it’s “safer”.  

You know what kind of people kill others over rejection? 

Assholes. It’s not some mutually exclusive “male entitlement” thing. 

  • "As a tween, I took a self defense class and learned that yelling ‘fire’ was more effective than ‘rape’." 

GEE, you don’t think that could be because of all the false rape claims, do you? 

You don’t think it could be because of how quick people are to label everything as “rape” - “if he looks at me without my permission, he’s raping me!” 

Feminists are responsible for using ‘rape’ so loosely and so frequently that people react to it like a goddamn car alarm in a full parking lot. Feminists slapped it on every fucking petty injustice they could, effectively watering down all meaning. 

Congrats, you guys are the fucking girls who cried rape. 

The only reason these would ever be “important” is to serve as an example of what fear-mongering propaganda looks like - and just how quickly you asshats were to choke it down as truth. 


Fucking educate yourselves, you guys sound like a bunch of hysterical cattle. 

Sunshine all the time makes a desert

Arab proverb (via maghfirat)

These simple words are so profound & thought provoking.

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